Meet our Pink Ladies A-Team


Founder and CEO


Salli’s passion for horses developed at a very young age. Horse riding got her through the misty years of adolescence. Growing up she never had an equestrian centre that would give her a holistic view on horse-riding and she wanted to be able to share her passion with others and create awareness for mental health


General Manager


Jordan has a special passion for horses and has been riding for over 10 years. They helped bring her out of a dark depression many years ago and she hasn’t stopped riding since. She loves working with people of all ages, disabilities and mental illness’ and seeing the growth and joy they get from riding.

Did you know… she is a kiwi? Which is why she struggles when the temperature goes above 30 degrees


Head of Marketing


Desiree had her first horse riding experience here at JE when she booked a trail ride for her 21st birthday last year. She has been riding ever since and horses have taught her to create a better work/uni/life balance. She discovered horses help ground and relax her during stressful times. Des loves driving to the country for work with a great view from the office!

Did you know… when Des came for her 21st birthday ride, she got talking to Salli about her marketing studies and was offered a job that day! On horseback!


Head of Teaching


Takara has been riding for 10 years and been with JE for 7 of those! Takara loves that each horse has a different personality. They are intelligent and funny, and even on her worst days they can make her smile.

Did you know… Takara has such a generous soul, she even brings the horses liquorice for a treat when she works


Senior Instructor
I have been apart of this fabulous team for many years now. It’s a very rewarding job in helping other to either: face their fears, gain a new skill in horse-riding, refine your skills or just have a leisurely escape on horseback through the Jarrahdale hills.
I have ridden horses my whole life and I know how much joy they have brought me, so it great to be able to share this experience with others.
I have 5 young children whom all ride at Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre as its such a great community and learning to control a large animal has so many benefits, just to name a few: confidence, decision making, strength, problem solving, patience, but most important FUN!




Phoenix has been riding at Jarrahdale since she was 6 years old! She love Polocrosse and going for a gallop up to bald hill. As soon as she was old enough she started teaching here and loves seeing the progress of her clients. “It’s so rewarding”.

Did you know?… She has been volunteering at Jarrahdale Equestrian since she was 12 years old!




Georgia has been riding horses for 22years. To her horses have always been been and still are may way of getting through the hard times in life, they are just a friend you can always rely upon.

She loves that it gives everyone, from all walks of life, the chance to be with horses. In particular let them experience first-hand the magic connection and love a horse has to share.