Adult Riders

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Our adult classes, for riders 18 years and older, cover a range of abilities and levels of experience.

We are pleased to cater to riders of any experience level.

We teach beginner adults the basic principles of horse riding and horsemanship, building confidence and skills. We welcome adults who haven’t been on a horse for quite some time and help them regain their confidence with our specially devised program aimed at instilling belief and delivering the skills needed to help them ride and enjoy horses again. We also specialise in advanced horsemanship, a program that helps people to improve their skill set to communicate with horses on a deeper level.

Please understand that all bookings are non refundable and we require 1 business days notice for rescheduling otherwise full fare is due.

All riders must wear HELMETS (provided by Jarrahdale Equestrian), LONG PANTS (jeans/leggings etc), FULLY ENCLOSED SHOES (with a slight heel and a smooth sole, sneakers will be suitable).

Singlets/ Shorts / sandals / high heels are NOT safe to ride in and will result in your ride being cancelled with no refund applicable.


* Weekend 25% and Public Holiday 35% surcharge applicable

Private lesson

Book a private lesson to improve your skills, grow self esteem and self-belief or  build your confidence to get back into the saddle again. For those who have never ridden, just remember, it’s always a great time to tick learning to ride off your Bucket list or fulfil your childhood dream!

Individual Weekday Private Lesson

$155.00 per hour

Individual Weekend Private Lesson

$193.75 per hour

Recurring LessonsMost Popular

From $130*

per weekly or fortnightly Lessons


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Blocks of Lessons (pre-purchased)Most Popular

  • Weekday or Weekend
  • 5 or 10 Lessons
  • Discount applied per lesson!

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Exclusive Group Lesson

  • Group Polocrosse lesson
  • Adult Horsemanship group lesson

The exclusive group lesson will enable you to book a private group lesson for you and your friends and ensure that it is exclusive to your group. Can be booked on the day and time of your choosing. Maximum of 4 riders.

Weekday Exclusive Group Lesson


per rider

Weekend Exclusive Group Lesson


per rider

Group lesson

  • Adult Horsemanship group lesson

Book an Adult Horsemanship group lesson on every Saturday at 8am for beginner or intermediate riders. Maximum of 4 riders.

$156.25 per rider for 1 hour – reduced Direct Debit and Block Lesson options available

If this is the start of your horse riding experience we require you to start by booking at least 1 private lesson so we can assess your level and then recommend the correct group to join. This is also so you can learn some basic techniques and control before riding with others.

Adult Riders Group

  • On ground sessions and ridden lessons
  • Social Ride Out

We understand that some adults want a holistic and rounded approach to horse riding. We created Jarrahdale Equestrian Adult riders to be able to teach our riders that their is more to horses then just learning to ride. Learning the right way to care for a horse, how to communicate with a horse on the ground and in the saddle is such an important skill to gain. We thought a social club would be the best way to learn and have fun!

Adult Riders is about on the ground horsemanship and learning, with lessons putting that into practice and a social ride out as well. The sessions here at the stables will be held fortnightly on a Tuesday at 4.30pm and will rotate between on the ground lesson, ridden lesson and ride out.  Each session will be 1 hour.

Adult riders is a monthly membership of  $210.
Adult riders can book in anytime Friday through Wednesday as a solo rider or with a few friends to work on horsemanship skills, beginner showjumping, groundwork, floating horse maintenance and care for your horse.