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All agistment is to be prepaid 1 month in advance, please allow 2- week notice for changes in agistment.

We have three types

Full Board Stable Agistment$120

  • Full board stable agistment $150 including a private lesson every week
  • Horses stabled at night and out on the hay and pasture during the day. Two rug changes when needed.
  • Two hard feeds of oaten chaff and Alka Pellets a day (any extra feed you want to be added you can supply and we will add it to the feed).

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Paddock Agistment$95

  • Includes hay and pasture in a shared 15-acre paddock.

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Spelling / Holiday Agistment$60

  • Includes your horse out in a 150-acre paddock. Horses are checked most days No rugs.

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